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Malbine Invest is the most trusted and fastest growing crypto company, helping millions across the globe have an easy and safe way to access, invest and trade cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrencies have become a real breakthrough in the development of finance and technology sector. They represent a fundamentally new instrument of payment. In addition to opportunities that digital money offers in the field of global payments, this is also a great opportunity to make money available to everyone.
With Malbine Invest, you are on track for a lifetime of endless rewards on your cryptocurrency investments.

We have best and dynamic investment plans to suit all categories of our investors.

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Why Choose Malbine Invest?

We are committed to proving conducive Investing ground for all, Invest today!


We are a reliable trading company

Legal Company

We are a legal trading company

Quick Withdrawal

All payout are processed and paid out within 24 hours


We are trusted over 2 million Investor worldwide

Referral Commission

Earn 5% referral commission when you refer your family and friends

24/7 Support

We are available 24/7 to attend to your support request through various channels

How To Invest With Malbine Invest

Investing with Malbine Invest is very easy. Follow the steps below


Sign up for an account by going to the signup page and fill in your details

Fund Wallet

Fund your trading wallet by depositing money to your account


Choose from our various investment plans and start earning


Withdraw money through your preferred method

Our Team

Our team is made of expert traders, with several years of experience in trading and financial management

team member photo

John Gore

team member photo

Blanche Kaye

Chief Financial Officer
team member photo

Tia Manning

Chief Marketing Officer
team member photo

Thomas Felton

Chief Human Resources Officer.
team member photo

Robert M. Jarvis

team member photo

Bree Alber

Vice President
team member photo

Dani Abdul-'Adl Saliba

Senior Software Engineer
team member photo

Mark E. Gibson

UX/UI Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions from our users

How can I start investing?

Starting your investment requires you to register your account, Verify your KYC, Deposit funds into your account and choose an investment plan of your choice. 



What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum amount you can deposit depends on the deposit method you intend to use. TO find out the individual deposit limit, check the deposit page.

Do you provide support?

Yes! We have dedicated online support to assist you with all your questions 24/7. You can reach us via live chat and email at support@malbineinvest.com

Office Address: 795 Ansley Crossroad, Toledo, Toledo District, Belize, BZ

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum amount you can deposit is $100

Is there any charges?

No registration fees

No withdrawal charges 

No Withdrawal limit 

No referral before withdrawal 

Instant withdrawal guaranteed 



How Trusted is your company?

Malbine Investment Company is the most trusted and fastest growing to access, invest and trade cryptocurrencies and other commodities. Our dedicated team is always available in making positive efforts on investors earnings. 

However, Our major aim 

We are result oriented 

Active 24/7 Customer Support 

Our experts Works harder 

Highly qualified team of financial experts 

Reliable Crypto & forex trading platform

Instant Withdrawal 

Why should I Invest with Malbine Investment Company?

Malbine Investment Company is a modern investment platform which offers a guaranteed returns in digital currencies. We are a technological, innovative and disruptive brand of investment . Our great company has positioned itself as the investment gurus of choice for the society. A hedge funds providing trading services and financial support for both retail and institutional clients, to simply offer professional and new beginners opportunity to invest and earn safely. 

Our stats speaks volume

We are proud to serve you since inception








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Payment Methods

We accept the following deposit methods

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